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Charleston Consulting offers a range of team development options for a variety of industries and team sizes.

Staff Professional Development Workshops

Peter Charleston facilitates a range of skills-based training workshops including:

  • Developing emotional intelligence at work
  • Enhancing Workplace Wellness
  • Improving Your Mental Strength in the workplace
  • Leading teams effectively
  • Using The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for Enhancing Working Relationships
  • Communicating Assertively
  • Mastering the art of negotiation
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • A New Perspective on Customer Service Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Counselling Skills in the Workplace
  • Effective Self Management in the Workplace
  • Communication Skills at Work
  • Supervisors Workshop on Dealing with Difficult Issues in Supervision

Typically these workshops run as half-day or full-day workshops. We can tailor the above program topics to your particular needs. We can come to you, or you can use our fully equipped training rooms.

Charleston Consulting strives to provide the best quality training in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We incorporate adult learning techniques, using a variety of teaching styles, including the use of presentation slides, video, participant workbooks, role plays, case scenarios and plenty of class discussion. The workshop content and delivery are regularly updated and expanded.

Key benefits of our professional development workshops for teams:
– Improves employee awareness and capability
– Improves performance
– Helps people work more effectively together
– Increases employee retention
– Strengthens organisational culture
– Reduces unproductive time and other wastes

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Team Coaching

I can help you transform your team from lacklustre to outstanding performance. I tailor team building and development programs for newly formed teams and those who are well established and require some intervention.

The process can be run a number of ways depending on your needs. We may first conduct a team needs analysis, which typically involves meeting with management, and may involve distributing a tailored anonymous survey and/or interviews with each team member. Care is taken to introduce the facilitator to the team and outline the process. Results of the survey / interviews are collated and presented to the whole team, who all have input in how the teambuilding content and structure is decided.

Team building meetings/workshops can involve the following themes:
1. Understanding team dynamics (this may involve use of a personality or behavioural psychometric tool)
2. Reflection on team history, achievements and missed opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the team
2. Additional topics such as team leadership, problem solving, handling stress, accountability, action plans, managing meetings, conflict management, power and politics at work, team culture.
3. Create or edit documents and systems such as operational procedures and code of conduct
4. Creating the team’s vision and action plans
5. Decision making

The cost of team coaching sessions in your office or mine are $250 per hour. We normally meet for a minimum of 90 minutes every fortnight at the start of the process. There is an additional cost for travel outside the city boundary and any psychometric tools used.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, the Belbin Team Inventory, the NEO inventory and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument are the most frequent tests I use in team coaching programs and professional development workshops. We have access to a number of other tests that help us tailor the right program for you.

You can call us (03-9699-6993) or email to discuss your needs.

I also offer group programs, including team coaching, training workshops, conflict resolution, strategy planning and change management.

Small Business Team Coaching
Team coaching for your SME team could be what you are looking for. Team coaching typically involves small groups of 3-10 people in a series of coaching sessions. It is a cost and time effective method of professional development. I use the same methodology with teams as I do with individuals, adapted for the group context. Team coaching provides a forum to raise issues safely with an expert facilitator, and can help team members depend their understanding of each other and the challenges the team faces. I look at the tangible and intangible aspects of your business to search for areas the team can improve and develop. The tangibles includes strategic planning, decision making, resource allocation, role clarity, workload, and action planning. The intangibles include helping your team clarify their direction, communicate better, resolve conflict, and collaborate more effectively to improve overall performance.

Benefits of team coaching include:
– provides a forum for whole team behaviour change rather than single individuals out
– provides support and guidance with change and conflict
– enhances empathy for each other through deeper understanding of each other
– personal development, reflection and planning become habitual aspects of team culture
– by meeting at your premises learning can be transferred immediately after each session

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