overwhelmed-300x240 Employee Assistance Program          Taking care of your people.

The Charleston Consulting Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What do you do when a major change or trauma (called a critical incident) affects your staff? In difficult times for the organisation your staff may experience distress, their motivation plummets, performance drops and the longer you leave offering them support, the more they lose trust and respect for management.

The number one reason why staff do not seek help inside their organisation is that they feel uncomfortable opening up about problems to the very person who performance manages them. They fear being judged. Too often not coping is seen as a sign of lack of competence, and it just is not true.

Because you care about the wellbeing of your staff, but you just can’t be there for them all the time, or have  the skills necessary to effectively assist, our expertise fills this need and gives you peace of mind. We help your staff heal and recover to achieve a safe, positive and productive work environment.

Our Unique Approach

Charleston Consulting uses the best evidence-based practices through our links to numerous scientific institutions and their publications, and our over twenty years of experience in this field. Peter is a highly regarded provider of professional and personal development to a broad range of industries, and is the principal provider of our EAP service.

Our EAP offers solution-focused debriefing and counselling services ideal for limited sessions. This can be either face-to-face in our office or yours (extra charge applies for travel time), over the phone or via the internet. A critical incident at your workplace typically requires group debriefing and an offer of one-on-one support to anyone affected. We facilitate this for you and can assist you with all communications to staff about this process.

Advantages of using our Employee Assistance Program:

– We provide a highly personal service; you speak directly to the counsellors

– Confidentiality of highly personal issues are assured

– With our EAP, the client sees the same counsellor each time

– We provide a rapid response to requests and flexible times

– We are independent to the organisation, so we can keep personal issues separate to performance concerns

– We can also offer advice on improving performance, trust and teamwork

– Our EAP is appropriate to all types of staff

– We can also run training programs that follow-up from our debriefing and counselling support

Benefits you gain from using Charleston Consulting’s Employee Assistance Program:

  • Rapid, reliable and professional service
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Improves retention of key staff
  • Increases staff morale
  • Decreases conflict
  • Eliminates wasted time
  • Improves working relationships
  • Contribute to staff perceptions regarding management
  • Helps meet Occupational Health and Safety standards
  • Improves employee skills
  • Strengthens organisational culture
  • Enhances services offered to employees
  • Early intervention can prevent bigger problems from occurring

Other Services that compliment our Employee Assistance Program

We can help you promote the EAP to your staff, and we can train supervisors to help them identify staff in need. We can also facilitate training sessions for staff on stress, mental health, wellbeing and motivation.

We provide best practice organisational psychology services to the private and public sectors, for organisations of all sizes. This includes executive coaching, training workshops, team-building programs, leadership programs, mediation and conflict resolution and staff climate surveys.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment just Contact us on (03) 9699-6993 in Australia or email  info@petercharleston.com.