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Couples Therapy

Personal relationships can be tricky to master. It takes so many skills. A lasting healthy relationship involves trust, teamwork, honesty, openness, excellent communication skills, negotiation and bargaining, fun, closeness and intimacy. These are skills that many of us don’t learn growing up. So the relationship you have with your partner can be the most challenging and demanding relationship of your life. It is easy to generate tension and conflict in a relationship, but not so easy to resolve it. Little niggles can get bigger and bigger over time, eroding trust and closeness. It is very common for couples not to be able to resolve their issues themselves. They keep trying the same way to change and keep getting the same results. Even the strongest relationships need help at difficult times. That is where couples therapy comes in. Couples therapy can help you resolve issues, learn new communication skills, and tackle difficult issues in a safe, impartial way with a third person who is not invested in either person and has expertise in couples therapy.

There are two main reasons people come to couples therapy – 1. to improve their relationship, and 2. to end as well as possible. I specialise in couples who have an executive or business owner in the partnership, and the particular issues that arise in this context.

For couples who want to improve their relationship, we may explore a variety of issues together. These include:
– Improving communication skills
– Improving self and other awareness
– Closeness and intimacy issues
– Examining compatability issues, such as different expectations, needs and values
– Dealing with business issues that affect the relationship
– Working through issues that damage the relationship, such as affairs, loss of loved ones, financial issues, addictions, illness, and so on
– Sorting out parenting and kids, step parenting and other family issues
– Working on managing emotions, such as anger and aggression
– Behavioural habits such as control and domination, passivity, withdrawal, and avoidance of personal topics
– work-life balance issues

If both people are open to the process of couples therapy, significant improvement can happen within a short period of time.

As your therapist, I act partly as an umpire, part coach, part guide. Sessions are typically once a week of fortnight to start, then gradually become less frequent as the couple relies less on the therapist to improve. My sessions have some structure and some flexibility. There are no set topics or set homework tasks, rather I vary my approach according to every circumstance. The fee for couples for one hour is $220. Private health insurance rebates may apply. I do not work within a specific faith tradition, religious or spiritual.

If you want to make an appointment, find a time in my calendar on the home page of this website, or if you have more questions for me simply fill in the form below.


Prepare-Enrich Online Couples Assessment

This assessment is for couples who may not need therapy, but who want a valid method of assessing their relationship. It is also useful for couples in therapy as a diagnostic tool that pinpoints strengths in the relationships and issues that require discussion. The Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment is an easy online way to assess your relationship that is private and confidential. It is relevant for dating, engaged, married and mature couples. It is not a test, but a structured way for couples to give feedback to each other to help them improve their relationship. It assesses ten core areas of the relationship, and also measures four interconnected dynamics – assertiveness, self confidence, avoidance and partner dominance. You receive a report that is customised and personally relevant to your relationship. The assessment stimulates conversation about the deep aspects of your relationship. You receive a workbook with exercises to help you learn and improve relationship skills you can apply immediately. These may include active listening, conflict resolution, stress management, and goal setting. All you need is a computer and internet connection. Once registered you receive a code with login information and away you go. It typically takes between 35-45 minutes to complete the assessment. When finished you will receive an email of your report. This assessment costs $200AUS per couple. If you are interested in this assessment, but have some questions for me, just email If you would like to purchase this assessment, please fill in the order form below:

Couples Assessment Plus Pre-Marriage Consultations

If you would like to take the couples assessment and work through some of its findings in a tailored ‘pre-marriage course’ then I can arrange this for you. Let me know if you are interested by filling in the contact form on this page. The cost is $200AUS for the assessment and $170 per session thereafter.