If you are a business owner or executive, there will be times when you need to talk to someone about an issue but no-one in your network seems appropriate. You may not want to disclose too much personal information to many people in your network, and others may not be removed enough from the issue to offer objective advice. There may not be anyone you know with the right expertise. That’s where I come in.

The right coaching conversations can create insights that lead to significant improvement in a person’s career and business. As we explore your working life, we discover and remove the factors that are sabotaging your success, and introduce skills that will boost your success and satisfaction. My coaching process helps you become more capable, more willing, more courageous and better at spotting and creating opportunities.

Why see a Coaching Psychologist?

Coaching Psychology can help solve your current workplace and personal dilemmas and help you reach your longer term business, career and life goals. The coaching industry is unregulated, and as such corporate coaches may have a variety of academic qualifications and experience. Around five percent of coaches are psychologists. The advantages of psychologist as coach are:
1. Tertiary level training in theoretically-grounded approaches and comprehensive training in understanding human behaviour
2. Training in issues that require significant cognitive or emotional development
3. A solid grounding in recognising and referring clinical issues
4. We practice according to a strict ethical code and are required to regularly attend professional development sessions to update our knowledge.

Coaching Psychology is an applied positive psychology, which draws on established psychological approaches. It is the most effective and in-depth way an individual can learn new skills, knowledge and awareness, through expert guidance and feedback. Coaching Psychology is a powerful way to shift attitudes, improve communication skills and engagement, improve work performance and wellbeing.

Executive Coaching
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your job?
Do you have some bad habits at work that need changing?
Are you new to leadership and need some guidance?
Or cant decide on an important career move?
Do you feel like an imposter in your role?
Do you need help brainstorming a decision?
Or are you successful but just not satisfied?
Or maybe you are just not motivated and dont know how to get out of the rut?

There are a lot of people who seem to have it all, who achieve a lot, look confident and successful, yet they do not experience happiness, satisfaction or contentment, and never seem to feel good enough. These are the perfectionists, the obsessive-compulsives, those who will never be satisfied with themselves, those who sabotage their own relaxation and happiness. These habits do not need to last a lifetime, change and improvement is possible.

My executive coaching process targets 5 main areas of development: 1. Clarifying your direction 2. Changing behavioural habits 3. Improving your mindset. 4. Improving your emotional skills, and 5. Improving interpersonal skills. The coaching service is tailored to your needs, and may include diagnostic testing (or use of your own test reports), consults on site or via Skype, Weekly action-oriented exercises, and regular email and phone support.

Your coaching contract may include:
– speech preparation
– strategic planning
– career advice
– problem solving staff conflict
– time management
– stakeholder management

Business Coaching 
If you are a business owner, your habits significantly affect your business. Business owners can be their own worst enemies when it comes to how they run their business. Your bad habits sabotage your success. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There is a better way of doing things and the time to change is now, before more damage is done.

  • I can help you get out of your ‘stuckness’ by removing the personal blocks to success and happiness. My system of coaching small business owners provides an innovative way to improve your business by improving your psychology. I specialise in:
  • Business owners experiencing the stress of fast growth
  • Bankrupts and businesses who have entered into voluntary administration
  • Business owners struggling to cope
  • Startups having difficulties

My Beliefs:

  • The business owners psychological development affects business outcomes. I believe that developing people produces the best business results and life outcomes.
  • People and businesses function through habit. Unhealthy habits create negative outcomes, healthy ones create positive outcomes. The challenge is to know the difference between the two.
  • Most small business issues have underlying psychological causes that, if not treated, just perpetuate the problems
  • Its not failure when you learn from adversity and can use the experience to create something better. People usually need help processing bad experiences in order to learn from them and move on successfully.
  • People inside a business are sometimes blind to the problems people outside the business can see. Critical thinking is maximized by using an expert outsider who does not have an investment in the business.

Individual coaching sessions usually run for one hour, and can be in-person in my office, your office, or via Skype or Viber. My online clients come from many parts of the world. Sessions cost $220AUS per hour, and a travel fee may apply if I come to you.

You may also be interested in my new online personal and professional development program called Thrive. You can take a look at it on www.mental-strength.com.

For more information regarding my coaching services, please contact me using the options below.