Charleston Consulting Career Program

We offer this program as an outplacement program for organisations or as a career counselling program for individuals.

Our Career Program is used by people entering the workforce, facing redundancy, at a career crossroad, returning to work after a career break, job dismissal and early retirement. During these times the effects on a person can be stressful, intense, and tumultuous. The challenge is to make the best decisions whilst going through major change and upheaval.

Our program is designed to provide support and a structured decision making process using our unique evidence-based method, based on the latest behavioural research and current trends in the job market.

The program has several objectives:

  1. To provide ongoing psychological support during this time of change
  2. To increase the individuals awareness of the emotional impact of job change, and how to cope effectively with change.
  3. To provide you with a comprehensive personal assessment of skills, interests and workplace values.
  4. To learn how to create an effective resume and cover letter and how to apply for jobs online.
  5. To teach you how to use social media for job networking.
  6. To equip you with effective interview techniques.

The results you will achieve from completing our program include finding a clear direction, creating a career plan, gaining confidence in the ability to execute the plan, and a whole tool-box of practical skills to make it happen.

Program Outline

The program involves six modules that can be tailored for your particular circumstances. This e-program can be used as a linear step-by-step process or more like a jigsaw puzzle where pieces fit together, adaptable to your needs. Either way, we will tailor a process to best suit you at your stage in life and based upon your needs. Consequently, the time spent on each module will vary.

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Module 1: Initial Assessment

This is done via online forms and initial consultation regarding current circumstances, key capabilities and future goals. Once this initial assessment is completed, we can tailor a program to your specific needs.

The initial assessment helps you clarify your career accomplishments and core abilities, and helps with creating a vision of the preferred future. By working through your employment and education history we can identify personal strengths and weaknesses. We focus on issues such as communication skills, what you value in a work environment, and how well you handle workplace politics. We assess what psychological or practical barriers may exist in achieving this vision, and set goals as to removing those barriers and identifying what skills may need to be learnt.

Module 2: Careers Testing

We take a holistic view of your circumstances. Our testing includes personality, work style, work values, interests and preferred work environment. The purpose is to use these tools to help you clarify your strengths and abilities and use this awareness to sell yourself well in a job application and interview process, as you are more sure about what your strengths and personality traits are and how you can capitalise them.

Module 3: Exploring options

This is where the majority of our ‘face-time’ occurs. We discuss options that you are considering, create some that you may not have thought about, and brainstorm the pros and cons of each in relation to your goals. We may discuss re-training opportunities, employment options, starting or buying a business, or working for family members. The more informed you are, the better decisions you will make.

Module 4: Resume preparation

Your resume needs to highlight your key capabilities, main work achievements, and career objectives. It needs to tell a compelling story about you, that gains the interest of the reader. The main aim of the resume is to get a job interview. If it does not get an interview, the resume is not working for you.

Module 5: Job Application assessment

This module helps you clarify what you are looking for and how to go through the application process effectively. This includes how to search for jobs, how to identify key job requirments and ensure they are addressed in the application, when to call for follow-up and what to say to recruiters and potential employers.

Module 6: Interview skills techniques

In this module, we take you through likely interview questions, and how to answer them in the best possible way. The participant is given immediate feedback and plenty of practice. We also suggest what questions to ask yourself, how to present yourself and how to handle difficult questions.

We also provide a program workbook of tip sheets to be used during every module.

Our Consultants

Andy Suttle

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Career Counsellor, Charleston Consulting

Andy is an experienced Human Resources professional in the areas of People and Culture and Change Management, with extensive experience in global manufacturing organisations and fast growing startups.

Peter Charleston

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Please see the ‘about me’ page on this website for more information.

Fee Structure

Our Career program takes a minimum of six contact hours to complete. The flexibility of the program allows us to spend more time on the modules more relevant to your circumstances. The cost for the 6 hour program is $2000 based on 6 hours of session time and 6 hours of preparation and analysis time. This cost includes all materials. More hours can be added at each module depending on individual circumstances at a fee of $220 per hour. We can offer discounts to unemployed and full time students. Please call us to discuss on (03) 9699-6993.

If you just want a Career Test

We can offer you an online Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) career report, which can be emailed to you once you fill out the official MBTI questionnaire. The MBTI costs $85.  Just fill in the form below, pay via paypal, and we will send you the instructions. Once you complete the MBTI we will email you the report. Your ten page career report will highlight your personality strengths, areas for development, and the careers that best suit your particular personality.