How Men Can Survive Couples Therapy

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More men are seeking therapy than ever before, but there still seems to be a long way to go before our society fully appreciates the benefits of psychology to health, success and happiness. Many men don’t see the point of therapy, especially if they have tried to improve their relationships … read more

How to Stop Technology from Ruining Your Relationship

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Guy Winch Phd writes in his book ‘Emotional First Aid’ about a study from Brigham Young University in the U.K. that found of 143 women in relationships, the majority reported that phones, computers and other devices were significantly disrupting their relationships and family lives. The study found that excessive phone … read more

What is mental strength, and why it matters

Think about how well your mind functions. Contrary to popular thought, we use all of our brain all the time, but most of us are only aware of 10% of how our mind functions (think of the mind as brain plus personality). That means most of us are at the … read more

Are you avoiding the elephant?

Every business owner has an elephant in their room, representing those issues that you would rather avoid than confront. It sits there whether you like it or not, waiting to be noticed and addressed. The longer it waits, the more likely it will sabotage your business. The things you avoid … read more

An Abandoned Trolley is a Business Opportunity

How good are you at seeing business opportunities?

I was walking out of my office building the other day, heading to buy some lunch, when I past a trolley that had been dumped at the side of a road. This was at the back of my building where trucks often … read more